Snuck in a hike at Harvey Bear Before the Storm

On Saturday I knew I a storm was coming later in the day, so I got my workout in before. I rode my bike to Harvey Bear County Park and went for a hike there.

Looking back (Northwest) towards Morgan Hill on the way:

Covid19 warning at the park. People seemed to be doing a good job with “social distancing”:

Starting the climb on the Willow Springs Trail. The storm was gathering so it’s misty:

I passed a lot of cattle on the way up, the County allows grazing in the park. The cows didn’t seem to get the concept of social distance, one of them was right in the middle of the trail. He was quite docile though, just stared at me and chewed as I worked my way past him. I wish I had remembered to take a picture.

This is looking South. San Martin is off to the right, Gilroy is over the rise ahead:

View of Coyote lake from the top of Willow Springs trail:

View to the Northeast at the same spot:

North on the Coyote Ridge trail:

Coyote Lake again, on the way back on the Coyote Ridge trail:

With the ride there and back this added up to a three hour outing. The rain didn’t show up till later, then it rained on and off all night Saturday and all day Sunday. I don’t mind at all, we need the water and it keeps the hills green.

Cabin fever was averted for another day. My brother called and told me things are about the same down in Phoenix. He gets his walks in on the street or in the desert preserve behind his house. They call it “staying at home”, not “sheltering in place” in Az because the Governor thought that would be less alarming. But whatever the name, the folks seem to be taking it seriously there as well. There is some evidence this is starting to work, at least in Santa Clara county where I live. Still about 50 new cases a day in our county of 2 million, but the number seems to be creeping down a little.

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