New Barnard PR

I did another of my “hard day” workouts that I do twice a week, but this time a walk for time up Barnard Riad served as the uphill walking challenge.

This is one of my favorite challenging local walks, east of town in the foothills. It’s quite steep and takes a bit under 15 minutes at a brisk pace pushing my bike. An exercise stress test also takes around 15 minutes so Barnard is a good simulation. I got it down to 12:20 on this most recent try. For me this is a great length of a challenge, I recover quickly after and feel fine by the next day.

View From about ¾ of the Way Up. It winds down to the valley floor, not far from Anderson Dam
Downtown and El Toro from the top
Nice View to the Northeast of the Diablo range from the top

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