Hiking Mummy Mountain On Halloween

I thought it was appropriate to hike Mummy mountain on Halloween so that’s what I did with some friends yesterday. This is a small mountain accessed from the trailhead at the Mendoza Ranch entrance of Harvey Bear County Park. A great way to work off some overindulgence from the party we had yesterday. We had a great day for it. It was very foggy when I first got up at 7 AM but had cleared by 9:15 when we started hiking. The air felt fresh and crisp like it should in autumn.

So foggy out that you can hardly see the trees lining the street, and can’t see El Toro at all. I think some mist from the fog got on my lens. It cleared up completely an hour later..

Here are beautiful views from the start at Mendoza Ranch:

Mummy Mountain is Right Ahead
Veronica and Violeta, my hiking buddies, at the start
Gorgeous views of Gilroy to the south. In the left foreground, you can see the hills are already turning green from our recent rain
Equally nice view looking north towards Morgan Hill.
Mama cows with their calves.
Coyote Lake to the Northeast. Still really low. More rain, please!
There is an active ranch across Roop Road from the former Mendoza ranch. This is a nice view of the valley and the ranch house across the road. Sorry I didn’t zoom in enough to see it clearly.

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